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Education & Training
SJCE Engineering CollegeMysore’s status as a premier educational centre cannot be undermined. Mysore boasts of one of the oldest universities that have been accorded a 5 Star status because of the standard it maintains and facilities it provides.

Primary and secondary education needs are met by some of the excellent schools available in the state catering to CBSE, ICSE or the State syllabus. In addition to notable and old names like the Marimallappas, Mahajanas, Demonstration School (run by NCERT), Ramakrishna Vidyashala, Sharada Vilas, Sadvidya and J.S.S schools, new ones like Acharya Vidyakula, Pushkarini, St. Joseph’s, Mysore Public School, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Amruthananda Mayi, etc., are adding their own brand value in churning a well educated student. Riding on the popularity on Mysore being an excellent educational centre are schools like De Paul’s International Residential School and Jnana Sarovar International High School which aim to attract a large contingent of students from outside the state as well.
Infosys Training centerWhile the collegiate and postgraduate education is based on the affiliation to Mysore University, it is delivered by some of the best known colleges in the state.

One cannot talk on the educational scene at Mysore without appreciating the contribution that the J.S.S mutt has made whether it is Primary, Collegiate or Professional education.

The output from the 5 engineering colleges, especially from SJCE and NIE are the delight of any campus recruiter.
Medical collegeMysore Medical College & J.S.S. Medical College continues to be the most coveted college among students aspiring to take up medicine as their profession. The dental, pharmacology, law, fine arts and science colleges add a district flavour to the education scene at Mysore. The 3 leading management institutions - the SDM,B.N. Bahadur Institute of Management Sciences and the SJCE Centre for Management bring out good MBAs. Complementing the education scene at Mysore is the head quarters of KSOU which provides distant learning to people who are not in a position to attend regular colleges.
The knowledge base of Mysore has been acknowledged and probably forms one of the main reasons for the global IT giant Infosys to set up a full fledged training centre for more than 4500 software developers. It has also setup the Infosys Leadership Training Institute to mould strategy and management decisions of this billion dollar company.
Amrita University NIESDMIMD
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