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Health Care
Mysore which is blessed with clean, salubrious environment has recently developed new health care institutions as good as any Metropolitan city. In allopathy, health care delivery has many diagnostic centres, pathology laboratories, nursing homes, primary secondary and tertiary care hospitals. There are two medical college associated hospitals in the form of Government Krishna Rajendra Hospital and JSS Hospital of the JSS Medical College. Over the last two decades health care has evolved in Mysore City from providing basic Spartan health care to now specialty health care in super specialties. Mysore is now well on its way in pursuing self- reliance in health care.
1. Diagnostic Centres
  Mysore is blessed with over half a dozen good diagnostic centre and pathology laboratories. Among those are Vikram Diagnostic & Imaging Centre having a state of art Spiral CT Scan, MRI Scan. The MRI scan is of the open type and amongst the most patient friendly MRI with excellent image quality. They also have an international quality Component Blood Bank and their Pathology Laboratory has fully automated equipments for various Bio-Chemisty and Serology tests. Other diagnostic centers having advanced radiology facilities include Bharath Diagnostic Centre and Nilagiri Diagnostic Centre. Kannan Pathology Laboratory, Bhagavan Pathology Laboratory, Karnataka Cardio Diagnostic Centre, Mediwave Fertility Research Centre & Semen Bank are the other centers providing laboratory services.
2. Nursing Homes & Hospitals
  Nursing Homes provide primary health care and every extension has a 20 to 50 bedded nursing homes. This makes almost any house within 5 minutes reach of a good primary health care centre. The number of nursing homes are for too many to be enumerated.

The chief hospitals in Mysore City providing quality health care in general specialties include Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Kamakshi Hospital, Basappa Memorial Hospital, Gopal Gowda Shanthaveri Memorial Hospital, JSS Hospital, Aaditya Hospital, BGS Apollo Hospital and Chitra Hospital. Here all the services are available on a 24-hour basis and some of the centers are recognized for Renal Transplant programme. At times of emergencies and natural calamities, these hospitals are well equipped to provide quality and timely health care.
3. Tertiary Care Hospitals
  Vikram Hospital & Heart Care provides quality health care benchmarked to the worlds finest for diseases of heart and kidney. All Open Heart Surgeries and other Cardiac Cath Lab procedures are performed 24 hours, 365 days. Also available is high quality Critical Care for all medical emergencies. Bharat Cancer Hospital Specialises in Oncology.
4. Other Allied Services
  Mysore has many Blood Banks, amongst them four have Component Blood Bank licenses and stock blood components for use. These are Vikram Hospital, BGS Apollo Hospital, JSS Hospital & The Rotary Chandrakala Hospital Blood Bank. Some of the other hospitals have their own regular blood bank. These hospitals also have 24 hour service of ambulance with hi-tech ICCU on Wheels.

The high quality health care being now provided in Mysore is now making Mysore a safer place to live and is truly becoming a pensioner’s paradise.
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