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Royal Orchid Metropole
Luxury Hotel
J.L.B Road, Mysore - 570001
Distance : Located 0.5 kms from Railway Station. 2 kms from Bus Station.

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A journey back in time. A haven of luxury, charm and romance, Hotel Royal Orchid Metropole was built as a royal residence in the 1920's to accommodate the British guests of the Maharaja of Mysore. Today the beautifully restored mansion, decorated with period antiques, continues the building's legacy of gracious hospitality combined with the ease of modern comforts.
Furnished with hand crafted antiques, Royal Orchid Metropole's 30 rooms and suites are a graceful retreat into a royal past. Let bright colours and sumptuous fabrics, enriched with deep mahogany wood transport you to a bygone era. Complete with a range of modern amenities, the Royal Orchid Metropole suites and rooms are the epitome of elegance and seamless comfort.
Tiger Trail: Trail the Tiger, and the exotic cuisine from around the tiger reserves all over India. Shikari: Experience Dudhiya Tiranga, Jinga Til Tinka and Raan-e-Chengezi with the moon and the star's watching over you at the bar-be-cue. Scandel: What is life without a bit of gossip? For scandals that rocked Mysore and for Scotch-on-the-rocks, come to Scandel, the bar at Metropole. Hi Tea: For those who like to talk, for those who like to listen and for those who like to overhear, the doors of High Tea, our all day cafe, are always open.
Category Single Double
Royal Wing Room
Heritage Room
Maharajah Suites
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