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It's been a long time in bollywood since a movie came with the masala of the old days where the fight between good and bad takes place in a small town or village... All the movies from the recent years action thriller to a romantic love story took place in Australia U.S or some other foreign country with all those mafia styled wars and stuff but "DABANGG" takes us back to the old times.. There is nothing new in the story it is just like some other Dharmendhra or Amithabh bachan old movies in the village with a happy ending but this movie looks like a brand new and cool bottle with lot of plus points where Salman's look is the most important one of them... The story is about Chulbul Pandey(Salman khan) whose father passes away when he is 2 yrs old and his mother gets married to Prajapathi pandey (vinodh kanna) and they also have a kid Makkhanlal pandey (Arbaaz khan). Chulbul is not very happy about how his father treats him so he decides to change the situation when he gets up 0n his feet. 21yrs later Chulbul becomes a cop and the whole situation changes where his father doesn't take his decisions anymore and he doesn't respect his father anyway. the story goes on with Makkhanlal or Makkhi being jobless but falls in love with a girl and the girls father doesn't approve their marraige because his father asks him a huge dowry. Simultaneously Chulbul falls in love with Rajo(Sonakshi sinha)... the story continues makki wants to get married to his girl so he robs his brother money and gives it to the girls father to give hs father back as dowry. He is caught by his mother in the process but convinces her that he'll return the money back to his brother after his marraige. Everything goes according to plan but suddenly his mother dies. This changes the whole situation of Chulbul Pandey Rajo's father sacrifices himself to get his daughter married to Salman khan. ANd salman is not accepted by his father so he leaves the place and lives in the police quarters along with his wife. From here the story is about how the villain plots to use Makkhan lal to kill his brother Chulbul Pandey...And how the hero gets back with family to deliver a happy ending(this part of the story might sound kinda common when you read this but believe me it's just too awesome when you watch it on the screen..)

Coming to the point why you should watch the movie is one is for Salman's style both his look and his acting...Saalman was just too good in his role as a corrupt but good cop with a great sense of humour and a different working style the second one is for the beautiful hero ine..before i go to the next point let me tell you about the heroine from past few years beauty of heroine's in bollywood is shown by short skirts tight tops or swim suits, this is a movie where sonakshi sinha's (rajo) beauty is shown to the most just by traditional Saree's of Uttarpradesh. And the next one would be about the beautiful cinematography scripting and the aesthetic feeling which is carried all the way from the titles to the credits. "No complaints about the performances" the music is just awesome especially the first three numbers will make you want to listen it once again. And one more important thing which made me like this movie is dialogues... there are few dialogues which i really liked where rajo tells "thappad se dar nahi lagtha saab pyar se lagtha hei" and there are also dialogues of Salman which won applause in the theatres where he says he is "Robinhood Pandey"..

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