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Jothegara - A good family treat
Banner: Ashwini Productions
Cast: Premkumar, Ramya, Lakshmi, Sudha Belawadi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Padmaja Rao, Doddanna, Sadhu Kokila, Pratap
Direction: Ramprasad
Music: Sujith Shetty

Coming after slogging in the cans for nearly one and half years due to financial stress of the producer ‘Jothegara’ is a good treat for the family audience.

The significant presence of Ramya and Premkumar with mellifluous music from newcomer Sujith Shetty and well crafted film by debutant Sigamani ‘Jothegara’ is a nice treat for the Gowri and Ganesha festival for the family audience.

Director Sigamani knows how to keep the audience glued to their seats. He checks the audience attention in his screenplay and does not permit them to know what’s going happen in the coming reels. In between the regular change over to hold the attention he brings lovely songs.

Vishwas (Premkumar) living with his mother a pop singer faces an insult from Priya (Ramya) that brings them very near to while exchanging pranks at each other. Priya daughter of ACP Veerabhadra is very straightforward even while expressing her love interests.

Vishwas on the other hand considers his mother is everything for him. Priya’s bold attitude in the colony once reveals that she loves Vishwas. That is because ACP Veerabhadra has given nasty treatment to Vishwas after seeing the chain of his daughter in his neck.

It is neck deep situation for ACP Veerabhadra and prepares his own plot. Vishwas agrees to the challenge of going to Hubli on the instructions of Veerabhadra to meet Lakshmi (elder sister of Veerabhadra). The good attitude of Vishwas earns him a good position for him in the joint family of Lakshmi. Soon the luck begins to fall on his side.

Priya not finding Vishwas for sometime also lands up in Hubli for her marriage but the situation is different now. Whether Vishwas and Priya marry? You have to watch it on silver screen.

The screen stealer in all her films Ramya is the mainstay of this film. Ramya and Premkumar make a lovely pair on screen. Premkumar’s dialogue delivery style and screen presence is glorious like Ramya. Sudha Belawadi as sober mother advising her son often gathers more attention than others. Ashish Vidyarthi and Lakshmi have given good support.

Sujith Shetty has come out with good scorings. The title song, Yaake Mechchiddu Yaake…and Ondhondhu Nenapu are three lilting tunes. Sujith Shetty has great future ahead.

Raghav in his camera has shown the top angles and outdoor locations with great ability. The basketball ground in top angle is worth seeing again.

Go for this one. There is enough of good entertainment and substance in this film.

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