On the way to K.R.S (Krishna Raja Sagar) Dam from Mysore, at about 3 kms away from the main road, there are two beautiful small waterfalls called Balmuri Falls and the Edmuri Falls.Balmuri falls is the famous of the two and many Indian movies have used this location to shoot song and dance sequences. These waterfalls are not actually waterfalls technically.
It is mostly flowing water of the Kaveri. At a particular spot in the Balmuri, there is step of about 6 feet from which creates the effect of a mini-waterfall. The intensity is not great during the dry season (March to August) and it is relatively safe to enjoy playing in the water here.
Edmuri falls is about 500 feet east of Balmuri falls and is a good spot to swim and play some games in the water. There is also an ancient Ganesha temple in the vicinity. You will have to be cautious as there are jagged stones in the water and at some places, the water deepens suddenly.
Best Time To Visit : Any Time
How To Reach : By Bus