This century-old Zoo houses nearly 2000 animals. It has the distinction of breeding wild animals in captivity. This garden stands to the east of the fort at a kilometer. It owes its origin to his Highness Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar Bahadur, but it has been greatly enlarged and improved recently. The very extensive grounds are beautifully laid out, and kept in axcellent order. All the animals in Zoo are well fed, well kept and generally healthy. Arrangements are made for some of the animals, especially for Lions and Tigers, to roam about in liberty. There is a fine collection of animals, birds and snakes, which include Lions, Tigers, Rhinos, Kangaroos, Hyaena, Deer, Elephants, Peacocks, Swans, Pythons, King Cobra, etc., Recent-tly they have added a snake park. There are a few articial lakes in the Zoo. A visit to these gardens is extremely thrilling.
Timings :
8.30 am - 5.30 pm
Tuesday Holiday
Fees :
Adults : Rs. 25
Child (5-10 years.) : Rs.10
Best Time To Visit : Any Time
How To Reach :
By Bus.
Near By Places : KaranjiLake,LalithMahal Palace,ChamundiHills