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    Terms and Conditions
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    Terms and Conditions

       1. The Advertisement Space / Listing provided is for the 15th Edition  of VISHAYA COMMUNICATIONS’, Mysore Yellow Pages only.
       2. All copy items are final. Amendments (if any) are allowed and must be requested for in writing before the closing date for booking of Advertisements.
       3. VISHAYA COMMUNICATIONS reserves the right to accept or reject any Advertisement that may be provided by the business subscriber without assigning any reason        whatsoever.
       4. All Advertisers are eligible for a complimentary copy of Mysore Yellow Pages - 15th Edition and a free insertion in Bold Type in the respective classification.
       5. All advertisers (other than general listed or Bold listed) are eligible for a listing in the web editions of Mysore Yellow Pages.
       6. All business subscribers who get their names listed in Bold Type/ General Listing but do not advertise otherwise are also eligible for a complimentary copy of Mysore
          Yellow Pages -15th Edition.
       7. Make all your payments in the form of Crossed Cheque/DD/MO payable to A/c VISHAYA COMMUNICATIONS, Mysore. VISHAYA COMMUNICATIONS will not be
          responsible for any Cash Payments.
       8. Utmost care will be taken in Compiling, Composing & Printing this directory. However VISHAYA COMMUNICATIONS shall not be liable for any omissions, errors or
           inaccuracy in Mysore Yellow Pages / Brand Identifier Pages.
       9. Camera ready art work as per the size booked should be provided for Black & White Advertisements. For Colour Advertisements, Colour separated positives with
          progressive proofs only are accepted.
      10. No progressive proofs will be shown for Colour Artworks.
      11. This contract is final and binding. Cancellation of Advertisement space booked / listing will not be allowed at any stage.

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